Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ron Luce is bringing Battlecry to a major city near you to raise up a nation of "culture warriors". I'm not so sure I like what he is doing. Shouldn't we go into our culture and develop relationships with these kids instead of bringing them all a bunch of anti-this and anti-that rhetoric? It seems to me that it is a bunch of emotionally driven hype bordering on cult-like brainwashing.

I read a lot of Jeremy Del Rio's blog and I guess I lean more towards missional evengelism like he does. I personally would not attend this event and it sounds to me like Jeremy is leaning towards that when Battlecry comes to NYC. Read what Jeremy says here.

Rolling Stone magazine also wrote about it. Check out what they had to say. Teenage Holy War
Jesus is really, really pissed -- at Hollywood, at the media, even at most Christians. But BattleCry, the nation’s largest and most radical youth crusade, is recruiting a new generation of Christian soldiers to fight back.

So what do you think about this?


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