Friday, June 22, 2007

A plug for a great book

I am currently reading a book titled The Other Woman at the Well, A Truthful Accounting of Addiction Overcome. The author is Judith Ann Hillard and she resides in Phoenix Arizona. I hope to meet her soon.

Here is a description of the book on the back cover:
The Other Woman at the Well is the true-life account of devastating addiction to cocaine in the life of a woman who teasingly describes her former life (before cocaine) as being like Mary Poppins ("practically perfect in every way"). She was the eldest child of a protestant minister, an A-student, Student Body President of her high school, Homecoming Queen of a large university, and everybody's idea of the girl they wanted their son to marry. She has several advanced degrees and taught English, public speaking, educational research and leadership for many years. Then she became a cocaine addict and lost nearly everything. Judith's story is astonishing in its candor and passion. Her relentless spirit and determination served her well in both her addiction and her freedom from that addiction. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with one of the greatest miracles of her life and book, her daughter, Olivia Grace.

You can read about and buy the book here

Here is an excerpt that caught my eye last night from page 101 of the book that is so true in my own life. You see, her and I are just alike. We are both recovered addicts.

As my pastor says quite often, "God is a gentleman. He will not force His way into our lives. He will wait for our invitation." Today I invite Him in each morning and hand Him the car keys. We have fewer accidents this way. Besides, who wants to open all her own doors?

Be moved!


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