Saturday, November 24, 2007

Border crosser saves boy after crash kills mom

We always hear bad stories about illegals crossing the border into Arizona. Let's hear a good one. This is a very touching story and what this guy did is commendable.

Border crosser saves boy after crash kills mom


Blogger Jeni said...

Keith - I tried to open this article the other day when I visited but my computer was being very uncooperative and wouldn't open it for some reason or other. This morning, I tried again and it opened right up - go figure! But I am glad it opened and even more so, that you thought to post that piece. What an incredible story there -so poignant and sad for the little boy -also for the illegal too, after he gave himself up and was returned to Mexico for his time to look after the child. They should give that guy a gold star and send him to the front of the line to apply for legal entry and citizenship.

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