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If Jesus Walked Our Streets

Another great article on the Porpoise Diving Life site. This one was written by Carmen C. DiCello who has served as an associate and senior pastor, and he is currently both a public school teacher and an adjunct professor at Columbia Evangelical Seminary. He is the author of Why? Reflections on the Problem of Evil (2007) and Dangerous Blessing: The Emergence of a Postmodern Faith (2005). You can catch some of Carmen’s more recent thoughts at Notions (

If Jesus Walked Our Streets

By Carmen C. Dicello

For a number of years, it’s been common to ask, “What would Jesus do?” Actually, it is an important question and one we would all do well to consider. Of course it is proper to think through these matters, for he is the one we are supposed to be following. But, if he were here in the flesh, where would we be following him?

All this is good and fine, but I’m not entirely sure that some evangelicals would be happy with the answer.

If Jesus were walking our streets . . .

He would be more critical of those who are theologically on target than those who are not.

He would attend celebrations and drinking parties.

He would possibly provide the beer.

He would drink with the rest of us.

He would spent a good chunk of time with those whom the religiously “pure” had no time for.

He would interrupt some of our religious services by making unplanned announcements and controversial statements.

He would tell stories that were relevant and attractive but not always immediately clear.

He would spend a lot more time encouraging others to follow him than he would simply providing religious facts about himself.

He would live courageously yet humbling.

He would serve those who crossed his path.

He would rub shoulders with the outcasts of society.

He would demonstrate that theology is intended to be done in public and on the streets.

He would go places deemed objectionable by the moral standard-bearers of society.

He would make people feel both comfortable and uneasy.

He would violate some of the rules of the religious establishment.

He would desire to heal and not to hurt.

He would be compassionate every day.

He would be challenged (and in some cases hated) by the experts of our day.

He would probably cause a lot of us to wonder if he is truly the one he claimed to be.

He would keep his promises.

He would most likely be criticized by a good percentage of the media.

He would . . .


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