Saturday, September 13, 2008

A great workout

I met my buddy Jeff at the gym a little after noon today. He goes to the YMCA somewhere near his house, but today I signed him in as a guest at my gym. It was fun working out with a friend for a change. I think you get a much better workout that way, just because you can push each other a little bit harder.

Anyhow, I usually just use the machines when I lift weights because I am usually alone and don't like to lift heavy using free weights when I don't have a partner to spot me. Plus, I am not all that familiar with the different workouts you can do using free weights. So Jeff showed me the ropes.

All I can say is that it was a GREAT workout and with Jeff's guidance in the proper form and different exercises using free weights, let's just say that it kicked my ass. But in a good way. I will definitely feel it tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone. Patty, Shannon and I are going to enjoy a meal out tonight together as a family. Shannon has been sick with strep throat and went to urgent care on Wednesday. So she is feeling much better now.



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