Saturday, October 04, 2008

A good weekend so far

Patty left Friday morning for Las Vegas and the eye wear convention. She will be back home Sunday evening. Last night I just rented a couple of movies and hung out with the dogs at home.

This morning Jeff came over and textured the ceiling where he patched the crack earlier. He left again to let it dry and then I went to the gym for a kick ass workout. It felt great. Jeff came back over and painted the ceiling where the crack was.

Tonight I'm going to watch the fights featuring the EliteXC fighters. One bout that I am really looking forward to is the Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock fight. Kimbo is an internet legend, taping backyard street fights that he used to make money to support his family. I've seen him fight in the octagon a few times, but usually against inexperienced opponents. Tonight he faces an aging veteran in Mixed Martial Arts who is very experienced, but aged and banged up pretty good. I think that if Ken sticks to a good game plan, he should win with ease. But if he goes in and trys to bang with Kimbo, he may get his bell rung. We'll see what happens. If I had money on this fight, I'd bet on Shamrock.

Tomorrow I'm going to clean the house up a bit before Patty comes home. There is a mess on the stairs where Jeff was doing the work on the ceiling.

I have some very good concerts coming up that I am looking forward to. Going to see Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Alanis Morrisette, Five Finger Death Punch and Mudvayne. All different shows on different nights. I also bought tickets to the Western World Championship Sprint Car races at Manzanita Speedway on Nov. 8th. I'll be attending with Patty, my dad. my Uncle Kerry and his wife Lynn.

I went out with Bryant for lunch yesterday. We had a nice talk about what Papa's doing in our lives and what we could be in prayer about for each other in the next month.



Blogger man of clay said...

Lunch was good! It was good to catch up, and hang out. That Chicago dog wasn't half bad either.

God bless

4:54 AM  

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