Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a novel idea

Can't We All Just Get Along?

According to the Pluralism Project at Harvard University, there are more than 550 "interfaith centers" in the United States—many of which have begun since 9/11—dedicated to combining various faiths in the same house of worship. "I wanted to build a church where Christians are not in charge," says one Seventh-day Adventist pastor who leads the Faith House Manhattan in New York. "We wanted to include all the people who have a right to belong and be partners in the discussion, not as outsiders that need to be converted, but as insiders that we need to be interdependent with." Not surprisingly, many interfaith centers are particularly attractive to women. "Interfaith organizations provide opportunities for women's leadership in a way that oftentimes the religious traditions themselves do not, simply because those positions do not need to be sanctioned by any religious head or body," explains Pluralism Project spokeswoman Kathryn Lohre. [Religion News Service, 10/27/08]


Blogger man of clay said...

Be careful what you look into brotha. I've gotten to know some interfaith people before and it is a truly frightening theology that says everybody's right and that people are good.

If everybody's right and people are good, then why did Christ die?
Then why did He say that He is the only way, and to take the narrow gate?

The message of Christ is of love, but the gospel is clear. Jesus said Himself that He would bring division to households. This is due to the fact that not eveyone will hear the truth.

That's why we all can't get along.

3:12 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

Well I will agree to disagree with you Bryant. We don't have to compromise the gospel.

We should all be able to meet together and worship. Who's to say that Christ's love won't be seen by others of different beliefs.

We should all be able to sit together without arguing and thinking we're know-it-alls.

Just my 2 cents brotha, but I do appreciate your viewpoint.

4:33 PM  

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