Friday, February 27, 2009

Feeling blah!

I started not feeling well Wednesday morning. My throat felt like sandpaper when I woke up but I felt a bit better after a shower so went on in to work. Ended up going back home after lunch and also stayed home yesterday. I slept...a lot. I felt fairly good this morning upon waking and my throat didn't hurt anymore. I made it into work and get off in an hour. Now my head feels like a balloon and my nose and ears are plugged up. I've managed to stay fairly healthy all this winter. Now it's 80 degrees out and I get a head cold. Why is that?

To make matters even worse, we're leaving right when I get home today. Patty is feeling ill also, but with totally different symptoms. Hers is all stomach and nausea. We're heading to Tucson and staying the night at my parents house. Then heading for the orphanage Saturday morning and coming back home the same night. Pray we both get better fast.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! I love

6:21 PM  
Blogger Jeni said...

Mandy informed me while we were eating supper this evening that she learned today "Crapola" is a universal word and she added, "I learned that on Facebook from your friend, Keith."
How about that?
Sounds like the same stuff that we've had floating around this house for the past 3 weeks now -off and on. It comes, stays a day or two (or three sometimes), then leaves but comes back for a short return visit in about 10 days or so. And yes, it is indeed "Crapola!"
Hope you and Patti are both feeling up to snuff soon.

9:26 PM  

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