Sunday, March 08, 2009

A good word

I really love the church I attend and am often moved by the talks, or sermons if you will. I just believe that our church has some very gifted speakers. But today, the speaker was not really a gifted speaker. Well I take that back. He spoke what God put on his heart. But his delivery was just sort of mundane. His real talent was in Worship Music. He is a nationally known Worship Leader in the Vineyard Church Movement.

He led worship this morning and also gave the talk. He was visiting us from Canada. His talk was all about God's Love, Grace and Mercy. A lot of folks tend to think of God as this guy in the sky shaking His finger at us when we mess up. There is nothing we can do where God is not there waiting for us to run to Him. His arms will always be open. He will always welcome us back.

After the talk Pastor Jack said that he felt that there were some there this morning that needed a release. It could be an addiction, a person, or a situation. Well that word was definitely for me this morning. I looked at Patty and we both went up for prayer and it is just so amazing to me how God works sometimes in our circumstances. The lady that came up to pray with us was going through a very similar experience. I will not go into details because they really should not be put into this blog. But I am just so glad that I was able to be still, and listen, and to release this situation into the hands of the only person capable of handling it. How great is our God?



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