Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Pastor of Rothesay Vineyard, David Hayward, posted these words today. Words that I think all churches should read & heed...

If we are a community that values authenticity and diversity, then we need to constantly remind ourselves to not take offense when one of us falls. We are in danger of becoming judgmental if we forget how much we have been forgiven ourselves. We will, at one time or another, stumble. Compassionate people and healthy communities know how to rehabilitate others with grace, not only to the dignity of their own personal lives, but to the life of the community with safety and without shame.

In making these proclamations of who we are by grace, we must be careful not to let pride slip in. We must remember that we are who we are only because of grace. We will not look down on one another. Nor will we consider ourselves any better or any worse than any other community. If we love diversity, then we also appreciate the many local expressions of the body throughout the world, including ours.

Thanks for sharing this David (aka the naked pastor)



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