Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween or Harvest?

It is really interesting to me how some churches and religious folk take offense to Halloween. My church has what they call a Harvest Festival...which by the way I think is okay. My church doesn't tend to be all that against Halloween really. They just offer an alternative place for the kids to go have fun and get candy. It is not extreme by any means. Yes, they will learn about the Gospel and Jesus. But they can come dressed up in their costumes and it is a fun time. Jesus isn't crammed down their throats.

This brings me to last night, while I was watching the local evening news. There is a church in Chandler AZ called The Door. What they offered was a haunted house that had scenes of abortion and meth addicts and hell, yada yada yada...(insert your extreme right wing evangelical stuff here). Not only did they offer this, but they charged $15 a head to see this stuff, and then they had a fire and brimstone pastor telling them to accept Jesus or be damned to an eternity in hell! I was LIVID when I saw this. There were mothers who took their little kids through this and the reporter was interviewing them about what they experienced. Sadly, these people will probably never step into a church again. They did not expect what they got until they went through the place and saw graphic scenes of abortion and the like.

That's my rant. I'm pissed because of Christians like this. Like I said though, I am NOT against an alternative to Halloween. My church does a wonderful thing for the kids...and THEY DON"T CHARGE FOR IT!

What say you?

End of rant!



Blogger Jeni said...

As it usually does, your theory has my vote, Keith. There's more than enough violence in the world today without charging people to see more of it and in the God's name to boot.

4:38 AM  

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