Sunday, August 28, 2005


That was the sermon topic that Pastor Mark gave this morning and the text was Psalm 51. This Psalm is about David crying out to the Lord in repentance and asking for forgiveness with a broken and contrite heart.

A lot of times we carry around a bunch of excess baggage in our lives that is only weighing us down. There is healing that needs to take place. But only if we are willing to truly repent and let the Lord take that weight of the extra baggage off of us. Once we honestly ask Him to forgive us with a repentant heart the Lord becomes our bellhop, removing all of that excess baggage that we are carrying. Have you honestly given all of your past hurts to Him? You may have done something in your life that still bothers you to this day. It shouldn't, if you have given it to Him.

Awesome sermon this morning. Lord I pray that healing took place in lives this morning and is continuing right now. I pray that those that went up for prayer and personal ministry this morning are new people. Healed from whatever extra baggage they were carrying. I pray that they laid it down and let You take over.

After church we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed out to Sunsplash with my family and Patty's sister's family. Had a good time but we left kind of early as Patty and I were on the Salt River yesterday so we were pretty beat. We sort of celebrated Labor Day Weekend early since I had a 5 day weekend from work. I start 7 swing shifts in a row beginning Tuesday so I'll be working over the entire holiday weekend. But what the heck, the pays good on holidays.


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