Sunday, April 23, 2006

The saga of my friend has not ended, but may be heading in a better direction now. He apparently was kicked out of the detox unit because he snuck out for a drink. Then he ended up at Mesa General Hospital and walked out of there. As my wife and I were eating dinner this evening, the phone rang and it was his girlfriend calling me. She had arrived home and he was at her house waiting for her. He had been told not to come back. She called the police and asked if I would come over. So I did. One of the officers was very familiar with my friend and had dealt with him in the past. He was served with an order of protection and told not to come back to the property or he would be arrested. He was very intoxicated and agitated but in my heart I think that maybe he has finally hit his rock bottom. The police officers asked him if he was feeling suicidal and he said he was so they finally took him away to a place where he can get evaluated. He is very good at "playing the game" with the shrinks. I was good at it too when I was deep into my own addiction.

At this point he really has nowhere else to go so I am hoping and praying that he will stay in a rehab place and get sober for good and receive the help that he needs. If he does come back to his girlfriends house, he will be arrested and was advised so by the officers. I had a brief chat with him before they took him away and prayed with him. It was nice sitting in the back of a patrol car for a change and not be the person going away in it. It did bring back some bad memories, but I am blessed in that the Lord brought me through all of it and molded me into the person I am today. I pray that my friend can come to a relationship with the Lord and that he can turn his life around as I did. With God, all things are possible.


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Amen. And may the hand of the Lord be upon you and your friend.

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