Saturday, April 29, 2006

This is a great excerpt from a post by Mark Driscoll who Pastors the Mars Hill Church in the Seattle area.

"Before I begin my rant, let me first defend myself. First, the guy who was among the first to share the gospel with me was a gay guy who was a friend. Second, I planted a church in my 20s in one of America's least churched cities where the gay pride parade is much bigger than that march for Jesus. Third, my church is filled with people struggling with same sex attraction and gay couples do attend and we tell them about the transforming power of Jesus. Fourth, I am not a religious right wingnut. In fact, when James Dobson came to town to hold the anti-gay rally, we took a lot of heat for being among the biggest churches in the state, the largest evangelical church in our city, and not promoting the event in our church because we felt it would come off as unloving to the gay community. The men who hosted the event are all godly men and good friends and I've taken a few blows for not standing with them on this issue. Fifth, I am myself a devoted heterosexual male lesbian who has been in a monogamous marriage with my high school sweetheart since I was 21 and personally know the pain of being a marginalized sexual minority as a male lesbian."

Now which guy is doing what Jesus would do? Mark Driscoll? Or James Dobson? Oh, and ya gotta love the terms "religious right wingnut" and "devoted heterosexual male lesbian". Heh heh heh.

Peace out!


Blogger non_chalant said...

I love it Kieth, this is awesome. I totally agree with him not standing with people who are persecuting and not loving. Thanks for your prayer.

God Bless,

8:22 AM  

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