Sunday, May 07, 2006

I haven't posted about my friend for awhile because as I stated in an earlier post, I had to step away from the situation and leave it in God's hands. His girlfriend was constantly "rescuing" him which in turn frustrated me because she was going against the advice she had asked me for.

Anyhow, I called her yesterday and as of today he has been in treatment for 13 days. he has been approved for 30 days and can get extensions after that in 15 day increments. It is good that he is still in treatment and if he stays for 30 days I will go see him and offer him support again. I think God is working in this right now.


Blogger Carl Kincaid said...

It's really hard to say on this one. I am still a Capitalist and a Republican, politically speaking. I sometimes have a hard time justifying my political position with my Christian worldview - as Capitalist Republicanism tends to be selfish. I do like the concept of "compassionate conservatism," though it is often an "oxymoron." What I like and agree with as it pertains to Capitalist Republicanism is that we are all responsible for making it on our own. We all have access to "The American Dream." I still think that is true today. And, I think it is even MORE true to the "disenfranchised," i.e., those that are living in poverty. There are TONS of programs that give the poor and disenfranchised opportunities - even above and beyond those opportunities that are afforded to our own children (since we're white and middle class and all. . .).

Further in defense of Bush and the Republican agenda. Most of the things that people hold against him (Bush) are because he has tried to placate the liberals. The Islamic world WANTS US DEAD. No questions asked. We are the bad guys. But Bush, our military, etc. have all tried to be "rational" when dealing with these irrationals. It's a "no-win" situation. And it's hard to criticize him and our government accept to say that he has probably been too easy on them to try to be "diplomatic."

I am also a huge Donald Miller fan. And I understand his positions, even though I think that sometimes he is too critical (and liberal) in his own thinking.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm glad I'm under Grace, and I'm damn glad I'm not president. . . !

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