Thursday, May 18, 2006

Liking Da Vinci, Loving Jesus: confessions from a Christian fan of "The Code"

Liking Da Vinci


Blogger xfevv said...

I quite enjoyed reading the "Da Vinci Code" as well as his other novels including the prequal "Angels and Demons" It was very clear to me that the book was a work of fiction (key word there) even though there is some historical basis to the book. There really is an Opus Dei, there really was/is a Priory of Sion, there really is debate amongst scholors as to if is "San Grail" (Holy Grail) or "Sang Rial" (Royal Blood), there really is uncertanty as to if Leonardo was a true Christian or just played the part. In fact I could go on for a while as to the aspects of truth in the book but I will also concede that much of that truth has been sensationalized (sp?) for the sake of telling a story (just as in his other books). As Christians we are far too quick to "freak out" with these type of things, just as we did with Harry Potter. We do have a duty however to share the truth with those who ask questions. This book has given us open doors that may never have come up. Be ready to give an answer that has some "meat" to it. Research the validity of the claims made in the book, its actually quite interesting and it will streingthen your faith. Thats my 2 cents for what its worth

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Blogger Keith said...

I may have to read it just to see what all of the fuss is about. I can say one thing though, I don't really like it when Christians start lambasting movies and books just because they disagree with them.

I liked your comment and may even read the book or see the movie. I appreciate your 2 cents, but I think it was worth way more than that. :-)

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