Thursday, May 11, 2006

Staind Concert

Went to the Staind concert last night with my wife, Robert and Angela. We arrived at the Mesa Amphitheater about 630 pm. The Mesa Amphitheater is a nice small outdoor venue that holds around 4500 people for a sellout. There is a grassy area near the stage where all the "crazy" people go and then there is grassy tiered seating that slopes upwards.

The first band was okay. Not bad but did not really impress me either. The best part of their set to me was when the lead singer broke out an electric violin and I thought the sound was great.

The second band was a band called Three Days Grace, a hard driving punk/pop band that hails from Ontario Canada. I really got into their set. I knew some of the songs and they were a great band to see live. They played about a 45 minute fast paced set and ended it with their signature song that got the crowd moving.

After a a half hour intermission the band we were waiting for took the stage as the house lights went down. It was an absolutely beautiful evening. Perfect weather so to speak. Shorts and a t-shirt and after the sun went down it was very comfortable.

Staind came on promptly at 830 and opened their set with my favorite song titled Falling. They played a very entertaining 90 minute set and closed with one of my other favorite songs by them called It's Been Awhile. Actually they closed with Mudshovel but we left right when they started playing it to beat the crowd out.

The crowd was kind of small for the show, which actually was a good thing and made the show more intimate. If I have any complaint about the show at all it would have to be that it was a bit too loud. Clear, but way way loud. Could have been where we were sitting, but I've been to many shows at this venue and I have to say that it was a little louder than normal. Patty agreed with me and she even had to put tissues in her ears.

I was glad Robert and Angela went with us and they seemed to enjoy themselves also. Staind is a pretty good band with emotionally charged lyrics and a heavy melodic sound.


Blogger The Commander said...

Sounds like fun! I will have to check out that band, because it sounds like my kind of music.

The Commander

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