Monday, June 26, 2006

Danny the hoodlum

Everybody meet Danny. He is from St. Louis and is 14 years old. He also has a sister attending this camp. This was probably the saddest case. They were both crack babies and their grandmother is raising them all by herself. Danny loved to act tough. He cursed a lot and was really mean to the counselors and other campers. But deep down inside, Danny is hurting and you could tell especially at bedtime. He would cry a lot at night. He has no male role model in his life at all. He would make fun of the other campers that had to wear diapers, yet he would mess himself at night too. Danny loved to be the rebel and would do just the opposite of what he was asked to do. But we loved him, and prayed with him, and would try to give him advice. Danny had to leave on Tuesday but not due to his behaviour. His little sister was asked to leave the camp because she was pulling chunks of her own hair out and was biting other campers and counselors. His grandmother, whom he called mom, decided to take them both home at the same time instead of having to come back again on Friday to get Danny. They lived about 4 hours away on the other side of Missouri. If I had had the time and the means, I would have let him stay and driven him home myself. Say a special prayer for Danny and his little sister. They need the Lord in their life and a male role model.


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