Monday, June 26, 2006

Last post about Camp Barnabas

I must say that going on this trip blessed me so much. It also stretched me much farther than I thought I could be stretched. It was emotionally and physically draining, yet at the same time very rewarding. It is so awesome that this camp is available to kids like this who otherwise would not be able to enjoy a camp like normal kids do. The Teas, who own and run the camp are true servants of Christ and they truly love and put others above themselves. It also may be the only time some of these kids hear the Gospel message and see Christ's love in action. I would highly recommend this mission trip to anyone if you want to be stretched beyond your comfort zone. I am seriously considering doing this again next year. Here is a link to the camp for those interested in reading about what Camp Barnabas is all about.
camp barnabas


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