Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ativan, Xanax, Percoset, Vicadin and alcohol. What a combo huh? So my friend is in detox for now. I met him and his wife there and was able to talk to him a bit before they did his intake. I then walked his wife to the car (this place was not in the best neighborhood) and we chatted and I prayed with her. Pray for a miracle in this guy's life. He needs to be delivered from these addictions and turn to the Lord for help. He will probably be in detox for a minimum of 3 days, maybe longer. He was not in too good of shape tonight. Coming off of benzodiazapenes and pain pills is not pretty at all.

Lord, I ask that you give my friend peace. Heal his body. Let him get through this detox process and allow him to confess to you and to ask you for help. I speak against this addiction in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus for your grace and your mercy. Amen!


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