Sunday, January 07, 2007

A very interesting read

I just got done reading an article written by a Pastor Phil Wyman who was "removed" from his denomination for being too friendly to neo-pagans and witches. I myself am not so clear in my own mind as to whether or not he crossed the line here. Immediately, I thought to myself that it was pretty cool. But then I began to wonder about spiritual warfare and whether or not he should even be around it. But does it matter if you are covered by the blood of Christ?

What are some of your thoughts? I would be very interested to hear them. I mean I can hang out with homosexuals, drunks and drug addicts and I am okay with that. But this stuff might freak me out a little bit. But what if by me showing them love, they were to come to Christ? I'm just not so cut and dry in my opinion on this one yet, so please do share your thoughts.

Also, in the link I will provide there is a link to an article in the Washington Post about him too. One thing that I found cool was the reverse confessional booth this guy set up in Salem MA confessing the sins of the church. It sooooo reminded me of Donald Miller's book Blue Like Jazz where him and his friends had a similar tent set up at Reed College.

Check out this link from The Porpoise Diving Life website

I Am What’s Wrong With The Church


Blogger Hannah said...

I'm still processing this... I see the dangers and cause of concerns, but let's face it... If people aren't worshipping God, then they are worshipping the devil. All non-believers are the same, and we are called to reach out to the lost. I understand that some invite the other "spirits" and all of that, but it's not like demons leave the other people alone that don't invite them... I actually think that his ministry is probably good, and I wish that more people would pray for him just to give him that much more protection in the ministry that hopefully God has called him into.

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