Friday, June 22, 2007

I have to give a huge thank you and a shout out to Dave over at Rather than working.

I was reading his blog and was prompted to enter a little contest he had going on about being the 5000th visitor and commenting on his posts. Well it turns out that I won. The prize was going to be $50 credit at Amazon or anywhere that accepted major credit cards. After I found out that I won and that he was serious I asked him to help somebody else out that needed clothes or food or whatever. Someone less fortunate. He then replied to me that he would sned me the money and I could bless someone less fortunate. Well I have to tell you that I received the check from him yesterday in the amount of $75. We are going to use it to get some things for the orphanage that we support in Mexico and also to buy the kids some ice cream when we go down there. It turns out that Patty won't be able to make the trip this weekend but her and I will be heading out next Friday the 29th and staying through the 1st.

Thank you so much Dave for your generosity and your integrity. You're a true man of his word and do what you say you're going to do. Be well, be blessed and be MoVeD!


Blogger Dave said...

OK. Thanks, but this is it? Unless it gets you some more donations.

To go back to one of the many back and forths we've had about this, the movie I mentioned, "Pass it Forward, I think, is the essence of what people should be. You're already doing that. Maybe when you're serving the ice cream you can do a short story about the idea to plant the seed for the time the kids can do it for someone else?

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