Monday, July 02, 2007

CDE and those beautiful kids

We headed out Friday evening a bit after 6 pm. We arrived at CDE about 10:30 or so. It was late so we checked into our little motel in Imuris which really wasn't all that bad. It had two full size beds and a bathroom. Patty and I slept on one bed, Maddy and Hannah slept on the other, and Jared slept on the floor in his sleeping bag. At least the room had a small air conditioner in it. The monsoon season has already kicked in down there and it was a bit humid and very warm so the ac was nice to have. I think everyone slept well. Friday night was spent getting all of the gifts ready for the graduation ceremony on Saturday.

After we all got up Saturday morning we headed to the orphanage and we were greeted by all of the kids. Hannah knows each and everyone of them by name (yes all 106 of them). I knew some names from my last trip. Patty knows a lot of them now, as do Jared and Madison. We headed to the kids football (soccer as we know it) game which for some reason or another was cancelled.

We ate lunch at Leo's in Imuris (the first meal of about 4 we ate at this cool little place). The rest of the day was spent hanging out with the kids and then they all had to get ready for the graduation.

We headed to the graduation which was held in a huge hall in town. This is a huge deal and is very formal. It lasted about 3 hours and included a flag ceremony with the color guard and all. They had dancers there that performed several numbers and speeches were made and awards handed out. Of course it was all in spanish so I didn't understand a word that was said but it didn't really matter. I was still glad to be a part of it. We went to Leo's afterwards to eat and celebrate then headed back to the orphanage to say good night to the kids and headed back to our little motel and we all went right to sleep.

Upon awakening Sunday morning we all got cleaned up and headed out to the orphanage. We got on the bus with the kids and headed to their baseball game. We arrived while another game was in progress and watched that game while we waited. The play was pretty good. I was impressed with the pitcher of one team. He threw the ball hard and fast and seemed bigger than the other kids. He also hit a home run over the right-center field fence. After watching this game, the opponents for the CDE team never showed up so we won by forfeit. No game was played and we headed back to the orphanage for the end of the church service. After church we ate again (yes at Leo's) and then spent the rest of the day with the kids. Just hanging out with them and spending time with them. I spent a lot of time with kids that I didn't hang out with the last time I was there. Each and every kid is special and they all are so clingy and want your attention.

Jesus Guadalupe, the boy Patty and I sponsor was very receptive to me again. He is just a very nice kid. It is amazing to me how, even though I don't speak the language, I can still communicate with him. Patty's little book that has translations and phrases in it helps out a lot in a bind. Or you can just get Hannah or one of the few kids that speak english and they can translate for you.

We left about 330 pm and stopped in Tucson so Jared could visit with Natalia, a friend he met while we were at camp at UCYC a few weeks ago. She wants to go to Mexico with us the next trip.

I will post lots of pictures when we download them from Patty's camera. The battery died yesterday and we have to go get some more before we can download them. There are some pics in there for my friend Dave from Atlanta. On the way back from the baseball game that was cancelled we stopped for ice cream in town for Dave's special treat for the kids. We were on the orphanage bus and let them out 10 at a time so we wouldn't overwhelm the poor guy working the ice cream joint. So the kiddies all enjoyed a treat on you Dave and I've got the pictures to prove it. You'll see them in the next couple of days.

I can't wait for the next trip down there. I was hot, sweaty and dirty the whole time. But that can wash off. It's worth it to spend time with those kids who are so special.

Be well, be blessed, be MoVeD!


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Thanks Keith. Ten at a time. Did the bucks go far enough? I worried about that after I made the request.

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