Friday, June 22, 2007

An ethical dilemma?

I found this article on MSN today. It's about the dilemma facing Doctors when faced with something that conflicts with their beliefs or morals. I think I would side with the doctors on NOT having to do something that conflicts with their beliefs, but that the patient should be informed and able to be treated by another physician. What say you?

Doctors' beliefs can hinder patient care
New laws shore up providers’ right to refuse treatment based on values


Blogger Dave said...

Aa a lawyer, I faced being asked to do something I won't do. I didn't yet click to the article, but, I can understand a physician having a similar problem.

Interestingly, and I've not thought it through, there were some stories a year or so back about pharmicists that would not prescribe, I think, birth control pills, maybe RU 486? My reaction then was that, they had stepped over a line. Your job is to practice within the bounds of your profession be you a lawyer and M.D. or a pill guy. Maybe there are more grey lines in the first two?

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