Monday, August 06, 2007

A Great Weekend and then some

So Patty and I got away for the weekend to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary which is officially tomorrow. We headed up to the higher elevations, stopping at Payson. There's a nice little place there called The Majestic Mountain Inn and we've been there before. They have some rooms that are very romantic with a hot tub in the room and everything. The weather was very nice and stormy. Saturday it just thundered and rained most of the afternoon into the morning hours. We just had a great time of being alone the entire weekend and it was very refreshing for the both of us.

Pray for my nephew. Without going into detail, he is in a lot of trouble and needs some changes in his life. Say a prayer for him. I spoke with him briefly today. He is only 16 so he can turn this thing around before it really gets bad.

The youth of Amadeo continue to amaze me. These kids show up each and every Monday night. We had another amazing group tonight. I was in charge of planning the fun tonight so I went and bought some baby food, baby bottles, and pepsi. Paired up girls with guys. The girls had to feed the baby food to the guys and then feed them a full baby bottle that was filled with pepsi. After that they had to burp the guy. Fun was had by all, except for some of the guys who said it was a lot harder to drink out of a baby bottle than they thought.

I then had them wander through the park and hand out cold drinks to the folks that were enjoying the park. They always do good at doing the servant things like that.

Then Susan taught the video series we are going through and Mark set it all up on the computer.

All in all, it was a very successful night as it always is.

Be MoVeD!


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