Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Could it be the flu?

So my weekend was pretty uneventful. Patty and Shannon left for Mexico late Friday morning with a whole bunch of other folks. I stayed back because I had to work Saturday evening.

I rented a couple of movies and just stayed home Friday night. Went to work Saturday evening and went to church Sunday morning. Felt great all weekend. Patty and Shannon got back real late Sunday night because there was an extra long wait at the border due to the holiday weekend.

I went to work Monday, still felt great. had some stations to visit then met Mark B. for lunch at Kyoto Bowl. Still felt great even as I went to bed last night. Slept good, but woke up feeling like crapola. Ya know that achy feeling you get all over when you have the flu? That's what I felt like when I woke up. Just run down and knowing that something just ain't right. Anyhow, I went to work because I had to visit two sites today so I knew I would be out of the office. I headed out to Arizona City and Florence. Went back to the office, did the trip report, then left early. I rarely take sick days, but I think I'm taking one tomorrow. I'm a little bit nervous because it hurts my chest a little bit on the right side when I take a deep breath. If I don't start to feel better, or if it gets any worse, I'll have to go see the doc I guess. So much for the Project 86 concert tonight. I hope everyone has fun without me :-(

So I guess I'm just gonna lay around for the next day and a half and see if I can get over whatever it is that is trying to take me out.

A few trips ago to the orphanage, Patty hurt her fingers and thumb by jamming them with a basketball. It had been bugging her a lot since then. It got really bad yesterday and she went to the doc this morning and the doc told her that it looked like it could be broken. So off she was to x-ray. The doc will look at it this afternoon.

So say a prayer for us will ya? We would appreciate it.

Be MoVeD!


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