Friday, February 15, 2008

A nice trip

So I arrived back home earlier than I thought I would. I made it out to Chiriaco Summit by 1030 am on Thursday after driving against a stiff head wind the whole way there. Winds were gusting from the Northwest at about 45 mph. I had to fill up in Blythe California because the wind was not kind to fuel mileage on my work truck with the big storage box on it.

I actually appreciated the wind a little bit when I got there because it kept me cool during the trenching I had to do to bury the cable for the temperature system. Chiriaco Summit is in Eastern Riverside County and about the only place for services between Blythe and Palm Springs. There is everything you need for a place like that. Food, gas, convenience store and a little museum called The Patton Museum, with tanks and military history. The folks that run the place live there in a modular home. That is where I installed the equipment. The lady that I had been in contact with about the weather site said her son would be there and I could get him if I needed anything. His name was Victor, he was 19 years old and he was a really cool guy. He came out and helped me dig the trench and just hung out with me most of the day. He went to a private Catholic School from 1st through 8th grade and then a private Christian School for High School. He played in the worship band when he was in high school. He was just a great guy and I really enjoyed hanging out with him for the day. Plus, he was a great help to me in getting the work done. I was able to finish up by about 6 pm and then headed back to my hotel in Blythe and made it back there by 7 pm.

I was a little bit sore when I woke up but not as bad as I thought it would be. Made it back to Phoenix by 1 pm and went up to my office to do some paper work. I hit some rain about 30 miles west of Phoenix and it rained the whole way back and it's still raining now. Go figure! The climate prediction center said we were in a La Nina pattern where Phoenix was supposed to have a warmer and drier winter than normal. Well it has been the total opposite so far. It has been an unusually cool winter and we have had lots of rain.

Global warming anybody?



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