Saturday, December 06, 2008

Another day of service and a very cool guy!

Last night I headed over to the Desert Ridge Marriot to meet a friend from Nebraska for some dinner and conversation. I left my place a bit after 3 pm and made it there by 4, our arranged time. Traffic from here to there is pretty bad. Anyhow, it was great to see her and catch up. We ate dinner and then went to Barnes and Noble and had coffee and spent about 4 and a half hours together. Sure wish we could have spent more time together but she was here for a conference flew back home this morning.

I was in bed by about 1030 last night knowing that I had to help a co-worker of Patty's move this morning. I set my alarm for 8 and had a small breakfast and was supposed to be at her house by 9. I popped into the Circle K on the way for an energy drink (I'm addicted to those damn things I think). As I was paying someone came in and said that a lady had fallen at the gas pumps. I went over there and helped her. She was an elderly Asian woman and she had twisted her leg real bad and fallen backwards. Thank God she didn't hit her head or anything. Another kind gentleman that was there and myself helped her into her car. It was her left leg that was hurt so she was okay driving. We kept asking her if she wanted us to call 911 for a paramedic but she absolutely did not want us to do that. It wasn't life threatening at all, but both myself and the other guy thought that maybe that would be the best thing to do. We ended up helping her to her car and the other guy was going to follow her to her house so I was done at that point and made it over to the house to help move about 930.

Sue, Patty's co-worker is going through a divorce so she was moving out of the house into an apartment because the house is being sold. She had a Uhaul truck rented and her neighbor was there to help her. His name was Tom and he was a great guy. I wish I had a camera because this guy could pass for Dana Carvey's twin. It turns out that Tom has not had a drink since 1997. We clicked right away and just started loading the truck up. There was some heavy stuff, and I can tell you that I will definitely feel it tomorrow. We had it all done and inside the apartment by 3 pm. It sure was a lot easier with a Uhaul than the move I helped with last weekend where pick-ups were used. So I served again today and met an awesome guy named Tom, who looks like Dana Carvey and was almost as funny as him too. And yes, I had fun again doing it too.

It was also kind of cool that it was the second time this week that I have met someone that has been sober for quite awhile. Coincidence? I don't know. But I've met two different folks that are sober today and I can so relate to what they've been through. They've got a lot to be proud of and so do I.

Okay God, are there anymore folks that need help moving? Please let me take a break for a couple of weeks though first ;-)



Blogger Jeni said...

If you're gonna be helping people move, you better get a huge supply of Ben Gay or some other anti-inflammatory type stuff to have on hand, buddy! Do that and then, maybe buy stock in Ben Gay too while you're at it!

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