Saturday, August 13, 2005

An Ode to our Dog!

I remember the day that Patty and Shannon went to pick up our dog that Shannon named Heather. That was about 8 and a half years ago. Some friends of ours had a neighbor that was moving and they were looking for a home for their dog. Heather was an 8 month old cockapoo and I don't think she had been groomed since the day she was born. She looked like a mop. I'm not kidding you. If you could have stuck a mop handle in her mouth, I swear you could have mopped a floor. After getting her groomed, she looked pretty good. Although I still did not really take a liking to her at that time. It turns out though, that in time, her and I got to be pretty good friends. She is one of the most lovable dogs I have ever had. She did not have a mean bone in her body, so a watch dog she was not.

Heather supposedly had Valley Fever. Well after about a month of meds and her condition worsening, we took her in to see the vet again for a followup appointment. The X-rays did not look good. Her lymph nodes had enlarged even more. A call a few days later brought us the news we did NOT want to hear. That now we would have to put the "C" word, yes Cancer, near the top of the list of possible causes. We have an appointment with an internal medicine specialist Monday afternoon. Yes, they even have specialists for animals too.

In my heart I can sense the end is near for her. As much as we love her, I cannot stand to let her suffer anymore. But I guess we will not really have to make a decision until Monday after see this specialist.

Lord, I just pray that you would comfort Heather, that you would not let her suffer, and that if it is in your will, that you could heal her. I pray for peace and comfort for myself, Patty and Shannon as it may be time to say goodbye to our beloved pet. Thank you Lord for the comfort and peace that we can only get from You!

On a good note, work has been busy the past few days with all of the storms going on. I have been working the radar during some active weather and that has made my job much more fun. I have started building a base again in my running after taking a month off. I'm feeling pretty good about the progress I am making. Still haven't decided about doing the Jr. High group yet. Still praying on it. Please keep Patty and I in your prayers as we seek direction in this area.


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