Saturday, September 17, 2005

A 4 day weekend

I am really kind of liking our new schedule at work. I work many days in a row but get several days off in a row in between. Yesterday I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and went to the gym. Then Patty and I went grocery shopping together and just spent the evening in last night. Shannon went to Zacs and I picked her up at midnight. Today I'm going to run about 4 miles. My official training plan starts in mid October so I am building up my base slowly. Tomorrow night I am REALLY looking forward to. Patty and I, and Ben and Mandy are going to see one of my favorite bands, Chevelle. They are from Chicago and I love their musical style. Kind of melodic but with a hardcore kick to it.

We are finally getting a new puppy. Right now she is only 4 weeks old and is in Queen Creek. She is still being weaned but we should be able to bring her home in early October.

I have a prayer request. Many of you do not know that I have another daughter from a previous marriage. She is 20 years old now and lives in California. Through earlier mistakes in my life and my alcoholism, we have been estranged from each other. I am seeking to establish a relationship with her again but I have to face the fact that she may not want anything to do with me now. My parents have a relationship with her which is good, and they are visiting with her this weekend. I guess my prayer request is that God's will be done in this situation. That He would heal her heart and that He would allow her to forgive me for my past. Father, I leave this in your hands. I pray that Your will be done in this situation. You may not give me the answer I want to hear, or may have me waiting for a reason. But I am okay with that. I will wait on You and serve You know matter what. Thank You for all that You have done for me up to this point in my life. Thank You Father for Your healing power, Your grace, and Your mercy. Amen!


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