Sunday, September 04, 2005

Young Adults

Today Patty and I attended the Youth service. What an awesome experience it was too. Ben prayed for people that needed prayer and then he asked for two people to come up in front of the group to pray for the people in New Orleans. Darian was called up and so was my daughter Shannon. Shannon prayed first. What a truly awesome moment for me, her dad, to see her and listen to her praying in front of a group of people. Now if you knew Shannon, you would know that one of her number one fears is public speaking. But she did not hesitate or look nervous at all. Father God I pray that you would be with Shannon. Put a hedge of protection around her as she develops into a young woman. Bless her as she seeks you. I pray that she will turn to you when things get tough. I pray that you would strengthen our relationship. I was not the father I should have been when she was younger. I pray that you would bring us closer together.

Darian then prayed for New Orleans. What a great kid. I don't know him all that well yet, but I sensed a strong faith in the Lord in him. A true leader. Father I ask that you continue to bless Darian. I pray that you would develop his leadership qualities so he can lead his peers into a relationship with You. I pray that you will protect him from injury during football season. I pray that you would bless this entire Youth group as they get ready to go on mission trips to serve. I pray for all of the Leaders. Ben, Mandy, Obie, Jen, Susy, Robert, myself and any others I have not mentioned. That you would give us the strength to serve these kids and bring them into a true relationship with You. I thank you for bringing myself and my family to this truly awesome church and restoring us from the hurts we have suffered in the past.

Well I get to work 1 more day (Labor Day) after tonights shift and then I will get 3 wonderful days off. 7 swing shifts in a row have turned me into a sourpuss. G'day to all and many blessings to ya!


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What a beautiful prayer - wow.

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