Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Running mileage

I keep an online running journal on coolrunning.com so that I can keep track of my weekly mileage. It also has tools to use for shoes so you know how many miles you have on each pair. Shoes are important in that when they get worn out your legs can tell. Experts say that running shoes should last 300-500 miles depending on your size. I tend to wear mine out at around 350 miles or so. Anyhow, since Jan 1st I have run 241.3 miles. The month of August I ran 41.98 miles and so far to this date in September I have run 13.8 miles. I took a month off in July just to take a break so I did no running at all then. My mileage for the end of 2005 will show a significant increase due to tha fact that beginning in October I will be starting official training for the Lost Dutchman Marathon in mid February. The peak weekly mileage in the program I will be using is 40 miles and that will occur in late January of 2006.

On another note, PM has a topic going on in his blog that is very interesting. A subject that a lot of christians tend to shy away from. S-E-X! Check it out. This guy is an awesome Youth Pastor at the church I attend and a man I truly respect and admire.

Good day everyone and keep on running!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a sick man...350 miles...I think I've driven that much in the last year

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