Monday, October 17, 2005

Camp Barnabas Prep

Well last night I had the pleasure of going to the Cloud's house to watch the Extreme Makeover episode from Camp Barnabas where I will be going in June with a group from the church to work with autistic kids. Mandy did a great job during the commercials explaining stuff to us since she has served there before. I am so looking forward to serving there. Plus I got to know Britt a little bit better. We talked about his job and he asked me about mine.

Well the pigeon killers were here bright and early this morning...6:45 am they arrived. They are on my roof as I type this. I pray whatever they do gets rid of those birds that are making a mess of my roof and patio.

I taught the large Youth Group yesterday morning. I was real nervous for some reason but after I started it was like the Holy Spirit just gave me a peace and I relaxed a lot. I thought it went very well so I broke the ice and know it will be easier for me next time. I thank Ben for giving me the opportunity to serve. I taught on unity in the Youth Group using Paul's analogy in 1 Corinthians 12. After I was done I asked if any of the kids felt led to pray for the group as a whole to be unified and reach the kids in the community for the Kingdom of Christ. There was a long pause so I thought I was going to have to lead the prayer, then...Abraham raised his hand and said "I'll do it." He then prayed the most awesome prayer for the Youth Group.

We then had a surprise birthday party for one of the Youth that is in Teen Challenge right now. He was out on pass for his 18th birthday and walked into the Portal where we were all waiting for him. He looked great and you could really see the change in him. The Lord is doing a miracle in his life and I so enjoyed hearing his testimony about what the Lord was and is doing in his life right now.

Ben and Mandy (The Youth Pastor and his wife) and their kids were in Flagstaff attending a relatives wedding and he told a funny story about what happened in their hotel Saturday night. Here is a link to his blog. Please check it out. The post is titled The Youth Pastor and the Marijuana! Funny stuff I tell you.


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