Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dead Pigeons

I want these flipping pigeons DEAD! I'm really not a violent person, but right now I could be very violent towards a few pigeons that are roosting on my roof right now. The exterminating folks came out today. A gal from our church owns the company and I spoke with her about my pigeon problem. She hooked me up. I'll tell ya, that's family right there. Vineyard Community Church is one big family. She told the inspector to give me 50% off. What a deal huh? Anyhow, they are going to put stuff up where they are roosting to keep them away. While the guy was checking it out he told me there were pellets thay contain poisen that some companies use that kills them. However, this certain company doesn't use them. I'm an animal lover and all (except cats) but these pigeons piss me off.

I have a few things going on at the moment. My wife needs prayer in a job situation. She is having a real hard time right now. That was sort of why I had a lousy day yesterday. But God is good! Father God, I pray that you would comfort Patty right now in her job situation. Give her the wisdom to make the right decisions. Even if it means quitting and seeking employment elsewhere. I pray that you would open or close doors according to Your will.

Haley, our new puppy brings us adventure every day. What a trip she is.

Shannon went out with the Driving instructor today. And they made it back :-)
But seriously, the instructor said she did very well. We have to practice with her daily. Father, I ask that you give me peace in this driving thing. I get all bent out of shape and nervous and this causes Shannon to be nervous. Protect Shannon as she learns the ins and outs of driving. Keep me calm too Father, as there is not a brake on the passenger side like there is in the instructors car.

I pray for the Youth Group at the Vineyard Lord, and all of the Leaders. I pray that you would stir these kids into a Heart of Worship to You. Let them become closer to You as they begin planning for the mission trips this upcoming Summer. Thank You Lord for Pastor Ben who is one of the most awesome Youth Pastors I have ever encountered. He loves those kids and wants them to grow in Christ and show other kids Christ's love.


Blogger non_chalant said...

Kieth, I'll be praying for both you and Patty...and Shannon. Glad I'm not on the roads in AZ right now. jk Well I hope all is going great. I miss you guys. Come and visit someime I'll put ya up.

God Bless!

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually happen to be a good hunter...want me to come over?

1:58 PM  

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