Monday, September 19, 2005

Chevelle rawks The Venue of Scottsdale

What a fantastic show tonight. Patty and I went to the Chevelle concert with Ben & Mandy. We went out to eat at Chipotle then headed to Scottsdale for the show.

None of us had been to the Venue of Scottsdale before. I guess it used to be called The Cajun House. It was kind of an intimate place. It was set up sort of like Bourbon St but you were indoors. Kind of a unique place you caould say. Anyhow, we got there about 10 minutes before the opening band and were down on the floor for this part. The place was pretty packed and they announced that it was a sold out show. The opening band was called The Black Maria and they were from Toronto Canada. They were actually very good. Band was tight, vocals were good. We didn't know any of their songs but I think all of us were pleasantly surprised. They played for about a half hour. Before the second band came on I noticed people heading for the balcony. The floor was packed so we decided to head up there which turned out to be pretty cool. We could see everything from there and you had a great view of the mosh pit.

The second band was Taproot from Ann Arbor MI. I really liked the new stuff from their new CD. Some of the older stuff that I wasn't familiar with was okay, but I didn't know the songs. They were pretty good, but I was here for Chevelle tonight.

Chevelle is a trio of brothers from Chicago IL. Well they replaced one brother. Don't know the whole story but apparently the bass player was tired of the road. So a guy from the band Filter was filling in. Chevelle did not disappoint. They rocked the house. Played all the songs I wanted to hear and then some. I guess if I had to pick a highlight for me it was when they played Comfortable Liar from the Wonder What's Next CD and Emotional Drought from their latest CD This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In.

Well my ears are still ringing and I'm out for the night. Have the day off tomorrow so I get to sleep in while everyone else goes to work. Catch ya'll later.


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