Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Let the Official Training Begin

Well folks, it's that time. I may as well get myself mentally prepared for this. I have been increasing my running the past 2 weeks in preparation for this official training and have also adjusted my diet. I've lost 6 pounds already and I haven't even begun the real training yet.

Anyhow, for those that don't know, I will be preparing for my 3rd full marathon in February and I will be following an 18 week training plan. Mondays and Thursdays will be easy run days. Wednesdays will be east at first but will turn into medium long runs as the weeks progress. Saturdays will be the long slow runs. So that amounts to 4 running days a week. Not too shabby for a family guy with work, family stuff and church. On Tuesdays and Fridays I will be walking and doing some weightlifting. Sundays will be all rest days. I've already started the weightlifting and my body can tell. I'm sore man.

I will be doing the PF Changs half Marathon on January 19th with my wife and others from our church. On my training schedule, I am supposed to run 18 miles that weekend, soooo...I guess I'll have to go home and run 5 more miles after the half marathon. February 15th I will do the Lost Dutchman Marathon in Apache Junction.

Patty's Dad and Stepmother are flying in from Pennsylvania this Saturday and will be spending a week here. We look forward to a nice visit with them.

So my schedule for next week starting on Monday the 17th will look like this:
Mon 17 Run 3 miles
Tue 18 Walk and lift weights for an hour
Wed 19 Run 3 miles
Thu 20 Run 3 miles
Fri 21 Walk and lift weights for an hour
Sat 22 Run 6 miles
Sun 23 Off :-)


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