Saturday, October 08, 2005

Good Driving

Well, I just got back from taking Shannon driving. It was really not all that bad. She is getting better. I know she needs the practice to get better, so I HAVE to take her out to practice. Today we went out for a little over an hour. At least it was Saturday so traffic was not too bad. The Lord was with me, I did not LOSE it. And believe it or not, I remained rather calm, which in turn allowed Shannon to relax and drive better. I had a "moment" though where a right lane was ending and we were in it and there was a line of cars in the lane next to us. I panicked a bit which in turn caused Shannon to react in panic mode. I have to admit, and I did admit it to her also, that it was MY fault. But she is getting better.

Patty had a pretty miserable week. She saw the doctor on Wednesday for her headache. Still had it Thursday and it turned out to be one of her major migraines. I had to leave work early to take her to urgent care where she received an injection of Demerol that put her out pretty good. She felt much better Friday and went to work. Keep praying for her work situation. Things are not good there at the moment and I have a feeling that it may have been the major trigger for her migraine.

I went to Youth on Wednesday night. I was kind of frustrated that night because some of the kids were goofing off and not paying attention. I held my cool though and managed to finish the lesson, which was all about Heaven and Hell, the Rapture, and the Judgement. Deep stuff! Ben asked me to teach Sunday morning the 16th in the morning. I'm kind of nervous, but I should get over it. I have a lesson I would like to teach that is about unity in the Youth Group. I have sent it to Ben and will wait to hear from him to see if I can teach it. If not, he provided me a good lesson on John 21.

Today Patty, Shannon and I are going to write our support letters for our missions trips this upcoming summer. I will be going to Camp Barnabas to serve and work with Autistic kids and Patty and Shannon will be going to Ireland to serve.

Hope everyone out there had a wonderful week. Our was not too good, but we made it through it. We missed the drop-in center Thursday night because of Patty's headache. I wanted to spend time with her as we don't always get to see each other during the week. God is good folks. Keep leaning on Him!


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