Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tattoos...are they wrong?

I myself have 3 of them. And YES...I had them done after I became a Christian. I myself do not think they are wrong. A lot of Christian folk out there like to go around quoting Leviticus 19:28. But I believe that we are wrongfully accused in this instance since this is based on Old Law and we are now under New Law. The same can be said for tithing. I personally do not believe tithing is required. I believe we should give generously and with a cheerful heart. Personally, I tithe. Is it required? I really do not think so. Anyhow, I'll expand on tithing later. Right now though, please check out this link about tattoos and the Bible. Interesting and very informative. Take it or leave it. I happen to think that it is very informative. Enjoy!


Blogger non_chalant said...

Hey Kieth thanks for the info page it was very informative and will definately help me out when someone points the finger. I'm probably going to be getting another one with my tia when she comes to Northern Ireland with my dad in two weeks!
Love ya guys and miss ya,

3:05 AM  
Blogger I-AM-C-Money said...

In as much as "we're under Grace and not under The Law" (see Paul, just about anywhere). I do agree with you. And the tattoo thing is like rock-n-roll and long hair or whatever, it's cultural, generational, and people complain about it because they don't like them, and use scripture to bolster their claims. It's been happening for years and will continue to.

Now, I don't know what to think about the tithing thing. Again, we are under Grace and not The Law." But tithing is different than other things, it's a reflection or a statement made by us that all we have come from God. It's giving back that small part of what He gave us as a demonstration that we recognize all is his. "Legally," are we still "required" to tithe under Grace? I suppose it's debatable, but I would say a discussion of tithing and tattooing belong in two seperate posts! Tithing reflects what's going on inside, tattooing is just something silly. . . heh heh heh (only stated that way because my wife won't let me get a tattoo yet)

6:46 AM  

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