Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I have been reading this book by Dave Burchett titled When Bad Christians Happen to Good People. Here is an excerpt from it that I'll share.

Your mind is made up for you, and a set of pre-
packaged values and opinions are supplied [to] you,
like a uniform and field pack in basic training.
(Robert M. Price, from Fundamentalism to
Like overprotective parents, we Christians find it easy to jump into the lives of those new to the faith and dictate their lives, just as Robert describes. We must pray for wisdom and restraint in order to allow God to work in a person's life. It's too easy to focus on our agenda (quit smoking, stop cursing, stop everything) and squelch the Spirit of God, who might want to work on a far more important issue.
Besides, Moses wandered in the desert for forty years, yet we want to see maturity in new believers within weeks. I have learned that I must step back, gently advise, support, and allow new Christians to grow at their own pace. God knows how to grow His sheep. No amount of flailing them with our Sheperd's staff will expedite the process. I am sorry for all believers who were not given the opportunity to grow in faith at their own pace. Faith is real. Faith has worked for me. But my faith did not mature overnight.


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