Monday, June 26, 2006

A review after a visit to Scum of the Earth Church

Scum of the Earth Church is located in Denver on Colfax Ave. For those that know anything about Denver, you know what Colfax Ave. is all about. The seedy part of town. Anyhow, I have a link to their site on my blog and check out what's going on there occasionally. This was a review written by Rodger P. Sellers of Portico Church. He talks about what he observed there while visiting the church on June 20th. Real authentic people being brutally honest with each other. I always here Ben saying that's what he wants us to be. Be able to share our struggles with each other openly and honestly. I hope you read this Ben. I just stumbled across this while perusing their site. They love the people in their community. Here is a link to the review. I hope you enjoy it. If I am ever in Denver again, I will definitely visit this church.

a review of scum of the earth church by Rodger P. Sellers


Blogger xfevv said...

Awesome. Have you had a chance to read the article I just posted on my blog yet? Arizona has their own "Scum of the Earth" church, called by a different name of course but same concept. I think I want to go check it out sometime

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