Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bill of Rights for Unbelievers

Well I finished the book When Bad Christians Happen to Good people by Dave Burchett today. It was a good read. If you would like to read it I'll pass it along. Next up I'm going to read Jesus in the Margins - Finding God in the Places We Ignore by Rick Mckinley.

My last little excerpt from Dave's book.

I would propose this Bill of Rights for Unbelievers:
.I have the right to never have faith forced on me.
.I have the right to never be treated in a condescending manner.
.I have the right to always hear the truth.
.I have the right for you to patiently hear my concerns and doubts.
.I have the right to seek answers to those questions and doubts that you can't answer.
.I have thr right to be steered to resources for my own study and investigation.
.I have the right to be loved no matter how I respond to the gospel message.
We certainly must continue to lovingly express our faith to those around us. But we also owe them the opportunity to allow God to finish His work in them.


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