Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Teen Challenge Graduate

I had the pleasure of attending a graduation at Teen Challenge last night in downtown Phoenix at the Inner City Church. Teen Challenge is an organization the helps people conquer their drug and alcohol addictions in a Christ centered program. He has been in the program for about 14 months now and graduated from the ranch. He now only has 2 months left at the induction center mentoring the new folks entering the program. He looked great and I am proud of him. He caught at a young age what took me years to get through. I pray that the Lord will use him and that he will serve wherever the Lord directs him.

I have been attending the Vineyard now for about a year and a half after having attended an Assembly of God church for 10 years. Teen Challenge is a program that is run by the Assemblies of God and is an excellent program. However, I have to admit that after sitting through the service last night it brought back some bad memories for me of the AOG. They use a fire and brimstone approach and the service went on and on and on. After the graduation ceremony that included 4 graduates who were introduced and spoke after the first speaker said a few words about the program, there was a pretty awesome praise and worship session. I thought it was over at this point after the praise and worship, but then another guy got up and preached a sermon with an altar call after that. It just reminded me of the many Sunday nights at my old church that you were expected to stay for the entire thing no matter how long it went. It always started at 6 and sometimes would not let out until 10 pm. Anyhow, I had a great time and am proud of Andrew.


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