Monday, July 03, 2006

Great Weekend

I had a fabulous last weekend of my vacation from work. Yay! I get to go back to reality on Wednesday, but with it being Monsoon season now, work should be a little bit more interesting.

Anyhow, onto my great weekend. Saturday night I went to the Rage in the Cage fights at Celebrity Theater with my good buddy Jeff. We had a blast. We were in the 9th row and had a fantastic view. For those that don't know what Rage in the Cage is, it's Arizona's version of the UFC. A little bit lower quality of fighting because a lot of these guys are just getting started, but pretty entertaining nonetheless. It is mixed martial arts fighting and full contact. Basically it is street fighting with rules. We had a great time with the exception of some guy a few rows behind us that had imbibed in one too many alcoholic beverages. Apparently he did not like the outcome of one of the fights and decided to toss his beverage up high and forward over the rows in front of him. Yes it got all over us but he was very quickly escorted out of the

On Sunday morning, myself and two other people got to speak to the Youth about our experience at Camp Barnabas. Camp barnabas was truly a blessing to me and I was glad that we were given the opportunity to tell the Youth about it.

Sunday night i took my lovely wife out to Cricket Pavilion for a night of 80's hair metal music. Poison and Cinderella, 2 bands that debuted in 1986 were touring together for a 20th anniversary tour. Patty loved Cinderella back then. It was a fantastic show and I was actually quite impressed with how great they were. I do know that both bands went through the substance abuse problems that are usually associated with rock bands back then. But they have all definitely cleaned up their acts and looked great and sounded even better. It was a fantastic time. If I have one complaint, it would be that it was wickedly hot. I still do not understand why they have outdoor concerts in Phoenix in the summertime. concert review

Tomorrow, the 4th of July, we are having Patty's sister's family over for the festivities. Should be a great time.


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POison and Cinderella, rock on, dude!

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