Friday, August 18, 2006


Ufest2 was all I though it would be. Loud and rowdy! But man oh man let me tell you, I still don't know why they have outdoor concerts in Phoenix in the summer. It was like a sauna where we were. And it didn't help that 20,000 people were crammed together. It was a sweaty hardcore rock and roll show at The Cricket Pavilion tonight and I am spent. We got there at around 4 o'clock. Got to see the band 10 Years and they were great. After them came a hardcore outfit from Japan called Direngrey. Very different. The music was okay, but I couldn't understand a word the singer was singing. He could have been singing in Japanese for all I know. One thing that stood out though was they had a very loyal female following. They were entertaining, but I would not go to a show that they were headlining.

After that came the band Flyleaf. This was who Patty and I came to see. They are fronted by a female singer with some pipes and they hail from Texas. They played a great set but since they were early on in the show and were mainly openers, they were limited to 30 minutes. But they gave their all and I really enjoyed them. Apparently the lead guitarist had a death in the family and was not there so guitarists from the other bands on the bill filled in on different songs which I thought was very cool.

Next came the band Stone Sour which is a side project of the lead singer from Slipknot. They were just straight forward, in your face hardcore rock & roll. I was impressed. Basically, at least to me, they sounded like Slipknot with some different folks in the band.

After them came the Deftones. These guys blew me away man. People were climbing the fence from the lawn and storming the front of the stage. I think security had all they could handle and Korn hadn't even hit the stage yet.

Korn came on after a very lengthy wait. I waited until Jonathan Davis played the bagpipes and then we left. Korn is a pretty dark band and I have seen them before. Plus we wanted to get out before the crowd left. You haven't seen anything until you've seen people moshing to the bagpipes. We did miss them play their cover of Pink Floyds Another Brick in the Wall. I had seen them do it before but we had had enough for the night. Korn fans are too nuts!

Good nite all. Be Moved!


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