Monday, September 24, 2007

16 year old high school student shot and killed

This saddens me. I did not personally know this kid, but it happened too close to home and in my local community. My wife and I love mentoring the youth of today and this breaks my heart that this young man's life was taken from him so early. I do not know the details of this case other than what was printed in this article. I do not know if he was an innocent bystander, the instigator of this incident, or the victim. This should not have happened.

Back when I was a teen in the 70's we settled thing with our fists. There were occasionally incidents where knives were involved. But usually it was fisticuffs, which is still wrong in my opinion.

A life cut short, a family that lost their son, and if they catch the shooter or shooters, their lives ruined by a single choice. Sad but true.

Shooting takes 16 year old's life


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