Saturday, September 15, 2007

People grow up

When we first started attending the Vineyard a few years ago there was a girl in the youth group there that really stuck out. Her name is Allyson. Patty and I got to know her pretty well and her and Patty became very good friends. Then Allyson went on a year long mission trip to Northern Ireland. When she came back she was ministering at a different church on the other side of Phoenix. But we still kept in touch.

We had the honor of attending her wedding last night. The wedding was beautiful, and after the wedding we attended the reception. It was fun getting to spend some time with Obie and Jen. I also got to meet Obie's mom and sisters. The Murillo's also sat at our table and it was very nice to see and chat with them during the reception.

May God Bless your marriage Allyson.

We got home around 10:30 pm and Patty went right to bed. Her and Shannon left for the orphanage this morning at 5 am. I was glad that it turned out she did not have to drive since some folks didn't make the early departure time. She should be able to sleep in the van on the way down there.

I could not go on this trip because I will be talking to the youth and parents tomorrow after church about the upcoming mission trips in 2008. I will be talking about Northern Ireland which Patty and I will be leading. I will also be talking about the orphanage trips for Hannah since she is at the orphanage this weekend. I think Mandy will be talking about Camp Barnabas, but if she is still not feeling well (she suffers from migraines) I can talk about that too since I was there in 2006. It's an awesome trip by the way. One that changed my life while I was there.

Now that the weather should be cooling down some, I am looking forward to getting out of the office to visit my coop sites. I had to head out to Alamo Lake last Thursday to make a repair, but it is still quite hot. I spent most of the time driving though as it is about a 325 mile round trip from my office.

Be MoVeD!


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