Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nine Eleven

My brother sent me an email today that was funny, scary and ironic all at once and he obviously could not have planned for this. He travels a lot in his job so he is flying all the time. He just so happened to be flying today on 9/11. Here is the email he sent me:

So, I know I've mentioned this to at least some of you. I'm just about done with it, but I've been doing David Nasser's A Call to Die: a 40 Day Journey of Fasting From the World and Feasting on God. Tomorrow's day 34. . . It's a great read and would be great for a quiet time if you're looking for something.

Anyway, I'm reading it on my flight this morning and after I'm done with it, the kid next to me says "what's that book you're reading?" I'm thinking "AWESOME a chance to share my faith!" So I don't remember my exact answer but it was something like: It's a devotional book where I'm trying to more fully understand God and what he's done for me. Are you a Christian?" And he's like "yeah, I was just curious, it's 9/11 and all."

So I realize I'm reading a book called "A CALL TO DIE." On an airplane. On 9/11. Bad call. I'm glad they didn't haul me off the plane.

We did get a good laugh about it, he was a good guy. Ironically enough, David Nasser is Iranian.


Blogger Jen said...

Oh wow!!!! Ya, I'm glad he wasn't red-flagged on that one cuz it certainly doesn't sound like a very happy book! Hahaha

4:30 PM  

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