Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A great long weekend at CDE

I have to say that this was my favorite trip to the orphanage so far. We left friday evening and got there around 11 pm. We unpacked and went to bed. The folks that went on this trip were Hannah, myself, Maddi and her friend Chelsea.

I had an extra special time with Jesus Guadalupe on this trip. We went to Magdelena on Saturday. On Saturday night Hannah, Maddi and Chelsea went with some of the girls to a town east of Magdelena for a dinner and dance performance. I had an extra special time that night with Jesus Guadalupe. We hung out outside and watched the thunderstorm build over the mountain. I could tell it was getting closer and I asked Guadalupe if it was moving our way and he said it was. We watched and waited and the wind picked up. The lightning and thunder cracked, and then the rain came. A cool refreshing downpour sent by God to cool us off. It lasted about an hour and Guadalupe and I just ran around in it and then just stood out in the open field and let the rain soak us to the skin. The raindrops were cold. I didn't care about the lightning dancing around us at the time. I just basked in the refreshing coolness of the rain and Guadalupe and I just laughed and stood in it until it was over.

We then went into the dorm with all of the other boys and watched Spiderman. There is now a TV and VCR in the room and I just hung out with all of the boys and watched it with them.

I had brought him down some shoes that Patty bought for him and it turns out that they were the exact same pair she bought him before. He thought it was funny. I also bought him some batteries for his gameboy that we gave him on the last trip. The next day someone stole them so Hannah bought some more and I gave them to him.

We went to church with them on Sunday. They did worship then split up into different classes. I went with Guadalupe to his class. Then we went back together again as a large group and I think each class was telling everyone what they learned. It was all in spanish but I think that's what they were doing. We went to Magdelena again and took them out for ice cream. Sunday night Hannah and I helped serve dinner and then washed all the dishes. I went to the boys dorm again and on this night we watched The Incredible Hulk.

Dulce, a girl the Patty has a special bond with was upset that Patty wasn't there. I told her that she would be there in two weeks. I called Patty from Maddi's phone and let Dulce and Patty say hello to each other. You should have seen Dulce's smile when she was talking to Patty.

I bonded with a whole bunch of other kids on this trip too. Hannah was able to have a talk with Adrian that she wanted to have. It was about kids that come to the orphanage and then leave. A few of the girls had run away since our last trip and it was hard on everyone.

I am so glad to be a part of this ministry to these beautiful kids in Mexico. They are children of God and each one is special.

Be MoVeD!


Blogger Hannah said...

You were exactly right. They like to have the kids tell each other what they learned in church. It's a way of performing and really helping them remember their lesson.

It's so great to see you and Guadalupe bond even more.

There were so many great memories on this trip... I think I'm going to have to post some everyday.

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