Friday, August 24, 2007

Ted Nugent Rants on Hillary and Obama

I am a big fan of Ted Nugent, but NOT his politics. Ted Nugent was very popular when I was a teen and I saw him in concert many times. He still performs today and I saw him at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix a few years ago. The dude's still got it man. He can shred the guitar. He has also been a sober performer, even back in the day. He was known to kick people out of his band if they showed up drunk or stoned.

I was watching Hannity and Colmes this evening and they had a lefty and a righty on as guests to talk about the Nugent rant the other night. It was kind of funny how Hannity was talking about free speech, yet when the Dixie Chicks ranted about GW he was appalled. Good old political debates man. You gotta love them. Of course the lefty's were upset with Terrible Ted's rant. But hey, it's free speech. Even though I lean more to the left than the right these days, I still thought it was funny.

Here it is on youtube. Check it out for yourself. But use caution, there are a few choice words he uses that may offend some.

Ted Nugent rants on Obama and Hillary


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