Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My babylon

I read this on the Ooze today and it makes a lot of sense to me. It really made me think hard about the war in Iraq.

Now Paul, in his letter to Ephesus, seems to insist that our struggle, as followers of God, is not against people. Or, as a key influence of mine, Greg Boyd, put it, “If it’s got flesh and blood, then it isn’t your enemy.” We are to see ourselves first and foremost as citizens of the Kingdom, and everything else (even patriotism to our nation) is peripheral at best, idolatry at worst. So focusing it in on my personal perspective for the moment, in light of current media…

-Do I believe that each and every member of a terrorist group has insurmountable worth to God?
-Do I really believe that God doesn’t play favorites, that America isn’t His favorite country?
-Could I really believe that God is just as saddened by an insurgent’s death as He is by the death of an American soldier?

-Does my complacent ignorance of a certain death toll say something about how I value those people?

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